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You know those annoying "screen names" you see in my blogs...?

Get used to 'em :P 



Lauren, site owner


Parallel Universe Series

Sophia: Forest Nattie and the Bestest Cool Nattie -Sophia Birch

Francis can tell you your future...for $5! -Francis Nature

PinkEyes-Marissa Nature

MotherNature -Mother Nature

MarissaSaysI'mAHalfNattie -Zach Creek

iShine -Emily Luminus

Raven Of The Darkness -Jack Raven

MarilynCat -Marilyn Nature

I Sea You! -Olive Oceans

Sam and Sunglasses -Sam Forester 


Antonio & Ashley

AshleySmith<3 -Ashley Smith

Tony...not Antonio... -Antonio Alvarez


Hehe...I'm annoying with my characters!