TwilightAngels Stories

Projects (Fanfictions & Originals)


Parallel Universe Book One: Postphoned

Marissas Story (Pre-Parallel Universe series): In Production

Ashley and Antonio: Re-writing 

Swan: Plot Re-write



Operation 13: (Codename Kids Next Door): 9 Chapters, Near end of production

Operation 16: (Codename Kids Next Door): Pre-Production, plot setup

Operation 20 Rachel: (Codename Kids Next Door): Postphoned, plot setup, character setup

C:KND: The Next Generation (Codename Kids Next Door):**FUTURE TENSE** Postphoned because of fanfiction buildup

Bubblegum or Marceline: (Adventure Time) Postphoned because of fanfiction bulidup

The Future Eds: (Ed Edd n Eddy) **FUTURE TENSE** Postphoned because of writers block

Blake and the Vampire: (Adventure Time) **FUTURE TENSE**Pre-Production, plot setup, character setup

Scarlett & Shadow 1: (Adventure Time) **FUTURE TENSE** 2 Chapters, plot setup




**FUTURE TENSE**- okay, they are ALL future tense, but those have OC's in them

I know I have alot of fanfictions....