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When it comes to Marissa Nature....

Posted by Lauren on May 17, 2011 at 8:45 PM

Lauren, Site owner says: Marissa Nature is my favorite character so far in any story I've written. Her hair is pink. But you people don't know that! You wouldn't be able to see it either. 'Cause you're human. Only Natties get to see it. :P

MirrorMirror says:

However if you would like to become a 'Nattie' could go through a talk with Mother Nature. I'm sure if you're real sweet she could change you into a Nattie. It's not all fun and games. Theres alot you'll need to know...but anyways, if you really do want to become an alien like Marissa and myself, go ahead and know your way around being a kiss up. Don't worry, I wont tell Mother Nature. Forest Talents are like that. Super cool, they've got the best hair, and we're always sneaky. We've got the best sense of knowledge, you know.

Watches says:

Well, I know Mother Nature is my mom and all, but she never posts, so I wont rat you out Sophia. The types you get to choose from are the following...

Nature: **THIS IS HARD TO GET!!** Pink hair, usually head and heartstrong

Guardian: Athletes, normal hair colors

Forest: Green Hair, sly and sneaky people: this is for you

Water/Ocean: Blue hair, good for swimmers

Light/Fire: Red/Blonde hair, can easily anger if more fire, or lighthearted if more light.

Ghost/Time: Can turn invisible. White hair. Good for those who are shy. They hold strong powers.


Lauren, Site owner says:

So, just comment or something.

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