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So you want to be a Nattie?

Fill out the form below, email or comment to be 'approved'


Name: (if you are applying for Nature, your last name must be Nature. Sorry!)



Hair: (Natures must be a shade of pink, Forest must be a shade of green, Water a shade of blue, Ghost must be gray or white, Light/Fire eaither a red or yellow. Sorry for the restrictions)



What you will be assigned if accepted!:

Cabins: Based on your age, a cabin will be assigned. It doesn't have to be your age, it can be an age you want it to be. Cabin #1: 5-10| Cabin #2: 11-13| Cabin #3: 14-16| Cabin #4: 17-20| Cabin #5: 21-39| Cabin #6: 40+

Levels: Everyone starts on Level 1. If you want to work on your skills, ask for assignments.